The Krug Park Collection

An ongoing series of plein air and studio paintings portraying Krug Park---St. Joseph, MO

Krug Park has become an important source of inspiration for Seevers and influential in his art.  The park is where he first began the method of plein air painting in his own self-teachings.  Whether en plein air or in his studio, he emphasizes the  beauty and nature of Krug Park on paper and canvas through various pastel and oil paintings, portraying the remaining charm and qualities that can be found and what many have taken for granted and have come to ignore.  His paintings depict vast landscapes, the lagoon, architecture, waddling geese, and people in leisure---the characteristics of a city park which are common subjects to the Impressionists.  These representations are modern, but traditional  in subject, technique and form, and are found to be some of the most beloved works in the community.
​Historic Krug Park lies on the Eastern side of the river bluffs in the Northend part of St. Joseph, MO.  It has been considered a crown-jewel of the city since it opened in 1902, and is the oldest and largest park in St. Joseph.  The park's 163 acres house a natural amphitheater, a lagoon, waterfall, rose garden, picnic areas, an Italian castle, scenic walking trails, various playgrounds and many fond memories by many.  Over the years it has been interpreted off and on by local artists, most notably captured by photographers.  It wasn't until recently the park attracted major interest as it is becoming a gathering place for Impressionist painters.  St. Joseph's own, Brent Seevers, has been interpreting an extensive collection of representations depicting the park and its atmosphere.  Periodically inviting fellow Missouri Valley Impressionists from near and far on his outings, the park is being admirably portrayed by many.
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A number of area photographers use Krug Park for their outdoor photo sessions. It is a great atmosphere and source for inspiration. I use the park often for paint outs and my workshops, or to take reference photos for studio work. 
Besides St. Joe's own plein air painters, Brent Seevers and Candace Castle, Krug Park has been interpreted by other notable artists through the Missouri Valley Impressionist Society (MVIS). These include Greg Summers, Adam & Andrea Clague, Dick Sneary, Susan Lynn, Elaine Lierly-Jones, Eileen McCoy, Cathy Kline, Mike Flora, Doug Frye, and Joseph Loganbill. 
Brent continues to fill the gaps to enrich the St. Joseph local art scene through his work and by sharing his skills and knowledge, and creating experiences for other artists.  
Krug Park has been interpreted by quite a few notable artists;
Greg Summers, Adam & Andrea Clague, Dick Sneary, Susan Lynn, Elaine Lierly-Jones,
among others.
MVIS Krug Park Paint Out April 2012: (top) Andrea and Adam Clague, Joe Loganbill, Elaine Lierly-Jones, Cathy Kline, Brent Seevers, (bottom) Greg Summers and Eileen McCoy.