Before a commission is to be made, it is important to know a few things to insure a smooth process and the best results.  Commissioning art can be very rewarding based on a good professional relationship between both party's, the client and the artist.  A commission is only a success when both party's are happy.  Here are some things to consider.

Commissions are agreements where the client respectfully accepts the skills, style, and subject matter in which the artist works in based on the artists overall body of work.  To insure a successful outcome and what to expect in the art being commissioned, it is best to look at the body of work the artist has already made beforehand.  Most recent paintings are usually the manner in which your request will look similar to.
Before making a request, it is best to be sure the artist can do the work.  It is important to note; not every artist works with every subject matter.  Those who show emphasis on certain subjects do so for various reasons.  If the request is outside the artists comfort zone or the artist has never done it before (or often enough), it is best to decline before moving forward as the quality and end result of the work may be found unsatisfactory. 
If the subject matter you would like to request is NOT something the artist does, or the artists body of work is NOT to your liking, it would be best to decline.


Working from life is always best, but all too often busy schedules and other interuptions make painting sessions (3 hours or longer) difficult.  In this case photography may be used for reference.  Photography sessions with the artist may be scheduled. 

Photos taken/owned by the client may also be used, but will need to be approved by the artist for quality.  Email images to [email protected]  


The artist is currently able to travel within Northewest Missouri, including the Kansas City Metropolitan area.


Once a request has been made, the artist will respond immediately for more information and to work out the details with the client.  Meetings, sessions, deadlines, and payment options will be discussed and planned.

Before the artist can get started, a non-refundable percentage of the commission cost will need to be collected---30%.  This amount allows the artist to be compensated for materials, time and work involved.

Materials may need to be ordered.  Allow the artist up to 2 weeks before getting started on the painting.

If photography is being used, the artist will schedule a photo session (portraits or paintings of clients home).  Numerous digital photos will be taken.  The artist selects what he thinks are the best and then shares them with the client to make the final choice.

During the creative process, the artist may periodically keep the client updated via email with photos as the painting progresses. 

Once the painting is completed, the client will need to approve the painting before paying the artist the remaining amount.  The artwork may be picked up or delivered once dried.  If a payment plan is in agreement, the artwork will stay with the artist until paid in full.


Shipping fees are NOT included in the price and will need to be paid by the client.


Price lists are available.  Contact the artist for a price list via email.  Sales tax will be added.