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Scouting in My Life

Scouting has been a big part of my life. I grew up with it. As a step-son in my youth to Lon Edwards (Mic-O-Say Chieftain Little Willing Talker), you can pretty much guess how much I was surrounded by it. Gone to dozens of tapping ceremonies and hanging out at Camp Geiger, exploring, helping, and camping. I've come to know and meet many Scouters over the years. Hanging out with McMurray's, Boehner's, Ken Paden, Ken Baker, Pat Newman. Given the honor of Color Guard to a couple of flag ceremonies through our city and council, and presented Simon Rositzky (Chieftain Two Moons) the 1988 St. Joseph, Missouri "Citizen of the Year" Award.​​​​​

I started as a Tiger Cub in Pack 45 and went through every rank, to Life Scout (Troop 45)---just three merit badges shy of reaching Eagle. I was tapped into Mic-O-Say (honor camp society) in Summer 1990 at Camp Geiger, where I became a brave and was given the name Least Quiet Bull---after my father (Firebuilder Little Quiet Bull), and grandfather (Honorary Warrior Quiet Bull). I then returned to camp Summer of '91, and became Warrior.

With two of my sons currently in Cub Scouts (a third on the way), daughter in Girl Scouts, and as a Scout leader in the Pack (45), I've returned to love Scouting. I want to share with them the similar experiences and opportunities I had when I was in Scouts, and hopefully one day they will reach the rank of Eagle. Scout organizations are great for our youth. I believe it helps mold future generations into becoming better people. Something we need more of in this day and age. 
Brent K. Seevers
Warrior - Least Quiet Bull

Dog Soldier - Mic-O-Say
Pathfinder - Scouting Alumni & Friends
Den Leader - Pack 45, Pony Express Council
Life Scout - Troop 45 Alumnus, Pony Express Council
Arrow of Light - Pack 45 Alumnus, Pony Express Council

Proud supporter of Mic-O-Say, Pony Express Council, BSA, and the World Organization of the Scouting Movement.
Once a Scout, always a Scout
Lon and I at Camp Geiger, 1990.
Presenting Simon Rositzky the 1988 St. Joe, MO "Citizen of the Year" Award.
Mic-O-Say Tapping Ceremony
Giclee prints, 11x16
Fine art prints are available at $70 a piece (unframed). I will begin a series of 50 giclee prints, signed with my name and MOS name "Warrior Least Quiet Bull." They will also be titled and numbered.

Great gift idea for fellow tribesmen. 


Camp Geiger:

The camp property is approximately 450 acres located on the bluffs of the Missouri River in northwest Missouri. The property and buildings are available for year-round usage by Scouts and non-Scout groups.
It is one of the only two scout camps including H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation in the United States to use Mic-O-Say rather than Order of the Arrow exclusively as its Scout honor society. It was first camp in the United States to offer Project C.O.P.E.​
Scouts from more than 15 states call Camp Geiger their home. 

The Tribe of Mic-O-Say:

The Tribe of Mic-O-Say is the honor camping society of Camp Geiger, Pony Express Council, Boy Scouts of America. Its ceremonies, customs, and traditions are loosely based on the folklore of the American Indian.
By blending the spirit and pride of the American Indian with the ideals and objectives of the Boy Scouts of America, the Tribe of Mic-O-Say endeavors to prolong the Scouting adventure with a historical theme that has held the attention and captured the imagination of boys and men alike for many generations. Its purpose is to reinforce the principles of the Scout Oath and Law and to foster continued participation in Scouting.